About Alpas Camps And Resorts

Alpas camps and Resorts India Private Limited, is located at Nilgiri District at an altitude of 1900 meters above the sea level. The resort is surrounded by Tea Plantations. The resort has a commanding 180 degree view of Moyar Valley, Rangasamy Peak, Bavani Sagar Dam and Thengumarda Village.

Alpas camps and Resorts is equipped with Seven camping tents (consisting of 3 family size tents, 2 Three People tent & 2 couple tents), a dining hall and restroom separate for Ladies & Gentlemen. We encourage family camping and provide a safe and serene atmosphere for the families and individuals. This place is also apt for conducting workshops and seminars

And we encourage our guests to indulge in guided physical activities such as nature walking, bird spotting and trekking based on seasons and physical endurance of the guests. We also have indoor games such as Dart, Archery, Carrom Board and small collection of books for the guests who wish to relax and stay put in the campus itself.

Alpas means “break free or un-wind”. Our idea of holiday is to break free for the monotony of the routine. Discover in some sense means “learn” something. We at Alpas Camps and Resorts want our guests to have a great learning experience from the nature and also un-wind in her bosom.

About Kodanad

Kodanad village is at a height of 1900 meters above the sea level. Around 120 families reside in the village including Toda tribes. Kodanad was once very famous for vast tract of shola grassland forest and some of the remnants of that forest still exist in tact even today.

Kodanad is beautiful all throughout the year. In summers, the visitors can enjoy beautiful panoramic view of Eastern Ghats, Moyar Valley, Rangaswamy peak, Bhavanisagar Dam etc. In winters, the mercury drops up to 6 degrees Celsius, skies are generally clear and guests can enjoy starry nights & spot constellations. In rainy season, one can enjoy beautiful display of cloud drops and lightnings on the eastern Ghats. In the month of June and July, when ever it rains in Kerala, Kodanad receives strong winds up to 50 – 70 km/h pulling along with it the white clouds. To feel the fast-moving clouds caressing you is once in a lifetime experience. We invite you to come and stay with us to enjoy the beautiful display of the nature.


Our Policy:

We are committed to achieve total guest satisfaction & delight.

  1. We request our guests to enjoy the nature to the fullest without disturbing the balance of the natural surroundings.
  2. Since we are already located in an intoxicating atmosphere, we discourage liquor consumption inside the property.
  3. We strive to be minimum on carbon foot prints and therefor encourage guests to go outbounds and hence please don’t expect “Idiot box” inside the property. We also request our guests to use electricity, water and other resources judiciously.
  4. Since we are very close to reserve forest, we restrict guests to venture out of the property after dark. If you are arriving/leaving late, don’t worry we will accompany you. But you are free to roam inside the property as you please without disturbing other guests.



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