Micro Tea Factory Visit

Micro Tea Factory Visit

Tea is the most cultivated plant in The Nilgiris. Tea plantations account for more than 90% of the cultivable land in the district. Nilgiris tea is most famous abroad and more than 70% of the tea produced in Nilgiris is exported. An export quality tea is sold at INR 2000-8000 in the market and it generally inaccessible to the common people. What most people drink as tea is called Crush, Tear, Curl (CTC), which is considered inferior to Orthodox tea.

Most tea cultivators are small scale farmers and most of them own land of area less than 2 acres. Tea yield depends on the vagaries of nature such as rain, frost etc,. Small scale farmers supply their tea yield to mega tea factories at a rate as low as INR 7/kg to INR 20/kg depending on the market rate for tea. Tea factory owners too don’t make much profit from tea processing as mega factories work on economies of scale at a low margin and generally produce CTC teas.

Micro and Nano tea factories have become a boon to small scale farmers and locals as the farmers get higher rate for their tea and tea factory owners also are better off as they can make export quality tea with less investment.

Alpas Camps and Resorts organises a visit to one of the micro tea factory in Kodanad for interested guests. Guests shall have an in-hand experience of how tea is made from raw leaves. Guests can also understand the lives of all the stakeholders involved in the tea production.








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