Sojourn to Local Falls

A Sojourn to Sundatti Falls

Sundatti Falls is one of the live falls in the Nilgiris. One can expect water to flow in the falls throughout the year. But, we are not sure as to how long nature will be benevolent to us given the rampant deforestation and environmental pollution that we do. It is around 8 Kms from our property. Sundatti falls is amazingly beautiful with many cascades as it flows downstream to join Moyar River.

Sundatti Falls is a treat alike to adventure seekers, nature lovers and Photographers. Best time to visit falls for bathing is during the noon as the water is cold in other times. Indian Gaur, Leopards and Bears inhabits around the location of the falls, it is therefore advisable not to venture the falls alone. Falls is unsafe for Children below 10 years old.

Alpas Camps and Resorts organises guided trip to Sundatti falls to its guest based on their request. Guests must be ready walk (400 meters only) through a treacherous slopes of tea plantations to reach the stream of water. It is advisable not to venture into the falls on rainy days and cold winters.  Guests are requested to listen to the guide and exercise care as there are slippery rocks and deep pools. Guests are advised to travel light to the falls.

Mostly importantly, please don’t litter the place. Please carry back your trash and dispose safely.

Things to carry

  1. One Set of Change Dress
  2. Bag to carry used Dresses
  3. Rain Proof Jerkin/Jacket
  4. Trekking Shoes
  5. Light Snacks
  6. Water Bottle
  7. Camera to capture beautiful memories.



Cab arranged by Discover Alpas: Total Cost per Person INR 300 (Minimum Operating Cost INR 900)

Please understand that Kodanad does not have cab operators, we can arrange cab only from Kotagiri, which is 20 Kms away and the water falls is about 10 Kms away from our Camp site. Hence the above-mentioned cost. This is inclusive of light snacks, guide charges etc;

Own Transportation: Total Cost per Person INR 100 (Minimum Operating Cost INR 300). This is inclusive of light snacks, guide charges etc;



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