Outing to Mamaram

An Outing to Mamaram

Mamaram is a small Adivasi Hamlet, where Kuruba tribes reside. It is located equidistant between Mettupalayam and Kotagiri. Mamaram also houses one of the famous coffee and tea estate of Nilgiris. Mamaram is about 40 kilometres from Alpas Camps and Resorts. Mamaram is a perfect mix of wild forest and manicured coffee estate. The forests of Mamaram houses animals such as Tigers, Leopards, Wild Elephants, Sloth Bears, Indian Pangolins, Indian Gaurs etc; and innumerable avian species.

‘Coffee Estate’ inside Mamaram houses a beautiful stream, which runs almost all days throughout the years barring a few dry days in Summer. Mamaram is a suitable picnic spot for all kinds of people from Families to youth. Guests can take bath in the stream depending on the water level. Alpas Camps and Resorts organises a little more than half a day long trip to Mamaram for its guests. Please be prepared to walk for a kilometre inside the estate.

Safety Instructions –

Mamaram is frequented by Elephants and therefore it is dangerous to venture inside the forest without a known guide.

Most importantly, please don’t litter the place, this is for the safety of animals and the overall environment ?

Things to Carry

  1. One Set of Change Dress
  2. Towel
  3. Bag to carry used Dresses
  4. Rain Proof Jerkin/Jacket
  5. Trekking/Walking Shoes
  6. Light Snacks
  7. Water Bottle
  8. Camera to capture beautiful memories.


Cab arranged by Discover Alpas: Total Cost per Person INR 500 (Minimum Operating Cost INR 1500)

Please understand that Kodanad does not have cab operators, we can arrange cab only from Kotagiri, which is 20 Kms away and Mamaram is about 40 Kms away from our Camp site. Hence the above-mentioned cost. This is inclusive of light snacks, guide charges etc;

Own Transportation: Total Cost per Person INR 150 (Minimum Operating Cost INR 450). This is inclusive of light snacks, guide charges etc;


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